Sea Gems

Sea Gems is a simple and  few board hidden object game in which you have to find specified number of objects on the board listed at the bottom of the screen. Items are hidden at the bottom of the sea and great to blend, so sometimes you will have to strain eyes, but I know that you have a skilled and well-date cope with this task 🙂

Sea Gems is fun for everyone – even the beginner who has just started the adventure of hidden object games. The Sea Gems rules are simple – click on specific subjects – as you will find all you are going through to the next board. Cool?

Sure, it’s cool – all our hidden object games are interesting and engaging, so if it is like the mouse in hand and sing praises with us in the best hidden object games on the net. What are the rules of the game Sea Gems? Of course, simple 🙂

At the bottom of the screen you have a list of items on which you have to find them and their quantity. Items are hidden on the board – quite effectively, as very well with the undersea environment. However, this hidden object game is very simple and I’m sure everyone of you, without exception, can cope with it.

At the bottom of this hidden object game off items that you need to find you still have options such as the output of the game, help, sounds off and restart the mission. In the upper left corner of this hidden object game you have and the time that you can devote to the movement. If you find an item in the game Sea Gems is the time to regenerate.

All actions in the game Sea Gems are doing with the mouse – that is standard as is the case in hidden object games. Anything else you want to know? Hmm … I guess what it all well cry 🙂 I invite you to play along with us – I’m sure you will have a blast!