Hiddenmania Three

Hiddenmania Three is another part of the great series devoted to maniacs of finding hidden objects. So, if you have that hook for spotting stuff not visible in the first place, playing this hidden object game is definitely a must for you.

What’s the game all about? Well, as we mentioned above, here you are supposed to look out for things that are not visible at first sight. For that reason, we think, the game would prove to be a great choice for all girls out there. After all, if we stick to what science says, all females have a great eye for detail. Any further recommendations needed? Girls, just give it a try and beat all the boys! 😉

Playing the game is no rocket science. No need to download or setup any complicated software. All you need to have is an Internet connection and up-to-date Internet browser. And, don’t forget about the mouse, as it’s essential for enjoy the hidden object game. 🙂

Now, a few words about the control panel in Hiddenmania Three. The number of buttons was reduced to an absolute minimum, so as not to spoil your game experience. After all, you are supposed to notice the tiniest details there and having to get through thousands of things that you might inadvertently click on, isn’t too much of a great idea. When you launch the game, you are going to see the first menu, in which the player is supposed to choose the game mode they prefer. Basically, the differences are not that big. In the first, left-hand side case, namely text mode, you will see the hints on objects you are looking for, in form of a text. Choosing the other option means relying solely on pictures as suggestions. In the introductory screen, you may also choose an option to view the best scores. Already feel the thrill? 😉

The in-game screen is very intuitive. You need to spot the objects listed below the game’s main screen. For every tiny thing that you manage to find, you will get 100 points! The moment you click it, you will hear an encouraging sound. Be careful, though. The game really needs paying attention to details, since for every wrong click, you will get 10 points subtracted from your result. And just one more thing – pay attention to time. If you want to see your name at the top of the list of the highest scores, try to complete the task as quickly as possible.

In case you get lost during the game, just click the ‘Help’ button, visible in the right hand panel in the bottom. You can always return to the main menu, by choosing the ‘Menu’ option.

Enjoy your exploration!